About Us

From Lynne Hemmerich, Hearing Instrument Specialist:

This brings a mature and empathetic perspective into the counselling, selection and ongoing client care at Hemmerich Hearing. I have had the experiences of wearing hearing aids in all types of situations. I’ve been in large restaurants, in lecture halls, in study groups, at fundraisers and in the quiet of our own home. Through exposure to these environments, I know what the advances in technology can do to assist us on a day-to-day basis, including Bluetooth connectivity.

I know that not everyone who wears a hearing aid is 70 or 80. Because of the noise exposure today our clientele is getting younger and younger. We need to look at each individual and their personal demands.

We bring personalized and dedicated service to our customers. What we really pride ourselves on, is our ongoing commitment to the service our staff as a whole provides to our clients on daily basis.

Hemmerich Hearing Center can help you with all your hearing needs. We provide great service at competitive prices. Bring in your quotes and compare for yourself! Call us today to book your appointment.

We are here to provide the best possible solutions for our clients to maximize speech understanding and listening comfort.

“Healthy Hearing for Life”