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Referral Promotion

We value “Healthy Hearing for Life”.

There is no better testament to good service than referrals. Refer a friend to put them on a path to a better hearing experience.

Have your friend or loved one let us know that you referred them and they will receive an extra $100 off of their hearing aid purchase. To show our thanks, once the purchase is complete we will send you a $100 pre-paid credit card.


Holiday Promotion – Now Closed

We have a special promotion running just in time for the holidays! Visit either of our locations and fill out a ballot to be entered to win a free pair of Oticon More Hearing Aids – no purchase or hearing assessment required! A second prize will also be drawn for a gift certificate from Dana Shortt.

The two winners of the Oticon MORE 1 hearing aid is Carol Schott and Leonard Koch.

The two winners of the Dana Shortt gift certificates are Ernest Dyck and Bruce Mcleod.

Thank you to everyone who participated!