Our goal is to offer quality hearing care to you. We will work to find the best solution to all aspects of your hearing needs. This will be provided through services such as:

· Hearing Aid Evaluations
· Hearing Aid Prescriptions
· Hearing Aid Fittings and Follow-ups
· Free In-House Cleaning and Minor Repairs for any Hearing Aids we sell
· Great service at competitive prices

For eligible clients with valid a Ontario Health Card, we will work directly with the Ministry of Health’s Assisted Devices Program (ADP) to help you receive your government grant for your hearing device(s), FM Systems and/or TTY’s.

We also deal directly with other government funding parties and will assist you in accessing those, such as:
· Veterans Affairs Canada, VAC, DVA
· Work Safety Insurance Board, WSIB, for clients with Noise Induced Hearing Loss as a result of a work environment
· Ministry of Community and Social Services, MCSS
· Assistance to Children with Severe Disablities, ASCD
· Ontario Disability Support Program. ODSP
· Ontario Works, Social Services

We welcome most third party insurance companies to make the process easier for you.